This Warranty does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. The Guarantee applies to all European countries where OZEAM FUTURE SL exports.

 It is granted by OZEAM FUTURE SL


OZEAM Factory Warranty Period

The period of coverage of this guarantee begins on the day the invoice for the purchase of the product is issued and has a duration of 3 years for boats, accessories (as long as they are not spare parts subject to wear and tear), Paddle Surf boards and motors. air cooled.

For water-cooled motors a 3-year warranty applies.


OZEAM warranty

For outboard motors:

If there is any material or manufacturing defect, the Company guarantees that the defect will be corrected free of charge, either by sending the new part for the client to make the change, or by taking charge of the repair, as agreed with the client. .

For boats:

OZEAM inflatable boats use the same construction materials as the most recognized brands, such as excellent quality PVC. All our boats are made by hand, one by one.

We make them more affordable for our customers since we eliminate the costs derived from the final finishing of our boats, this means that traces of this manual manufacturing process may remain. In most cases they are small, merely aesthetic damage.

Therefore, any mark derived from the manual manufacturing process of our boats will not be considered a manufacturing defect, such as: traces of glue or glue, wrinkles, pencil or pen marks, etc. Therefore, any mark derived from this manual manufacturing process will not be considered a manufacturing defect and therefore will not be considered a guarantee.

It will be considered a guarantee when any of these brands mentioned above, derived from said manual manufacturing process, puts the structural integrity of the boat at risk. To determine these risks, it will be our technician who makes a complete assessment, and provided that the client has previously contacted the company.

These Warranties will not be affected by a change of ownership, and the remaining coverage period may be transferred to successive owners.


Advantages and conditions of the OZEAM Factory Warranty

The Company guarantees that, during the entire Factory Warranty Coverage, any part of the engine, boat or paddle that has failed, either due to a material defect or due to an incorrect assembly at the factory, will be replaced free of charge.

Provided the following conditions are met:

1) The engine or boat must bear the original serial numbers of the manufacturer without alterations that prevent the identification of the product.

2) The motor, boat or paddle must be maintained in the manner specified in the Quick Guide and Owner's Manual, and must be used in accordance with the instructions.

3)  Any modification or repair to which the motor, boat or paddle has been subjected has been made with original parts of the OZEAM brand corresponding to that model, or by parts authorized by the brand.

4) Every effort should have been made to keep the engine, boat or paddle clean and free from chemical attack, in accordance with the instructions in the quick guide or the Owner's Manual.

5) The motor, boat or paddle has not been subjected to unauthorized alterations, misuse, negligence, accident or has not been used for purposes other than the original ones. In the case of the engine that has not been used with fuel and lubricants other than those recommended.

6) Any breach of conditions 1 to 5 may lead, at the discretion of the Company, to the total or partial cancellation of the guarantee.

7) This Guarantee will be interpreted in accordance with national legislation and any matter arising from this Guarantee will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts.

8) The motor, boat or paddle shall be inspected prior to use to ensure that it is in safe and optimal working order.


The OZEAM Factory Warranty will not apply in the following cases:

1) Corrosion, oxidation and discoloration caused by weather conditions, salt, harsh chemicals or cleaning compounds.

2) Damage caused by improper use for a purpose other than that of the original design or its intended purpose.

3) Damage caused by use in racing, or other similar competitive sports.

4) Damage caused by force majeure, fire, collision or accident.

5) Damage caused by the installation of parts or accessories that are not original or equipment approved by the brand.

6) Damage caused by poor maintenance or incorrect installation of any component by the customer.

7) Damage caused by improper transportation or storage.

8) In engines, components that are wear or maintenance parts, with a useful life based on use and whose replacement is expected during normal maintenance. Examples of these parts in engines include, but are not limited to: propeller, propeller pins, filters, spark plugs, transmission components, timing belt, impeller, anodes, seals, seals, gaskets, etc.

9) In boats and paddles, the guarantee does not cover breakages caused by misuse such as overpressure, either by leaving it in the sun or by over-inflating it, scratches, excess load, excess power, etc.


OZEAM FUTURE SL through its page THENAUTICSTORE.COM, sells products from other brands outside the OZEAM brand and its factory, said items will be subject to the guarantee offered by each manufacturer, and in their absence, it will be ours. THENAUTICSTORE.COM is responsible for processing the guarantee, but will always act as an intermediary between the user and the brand in question.

We put below the links of the official pages of the products that are sold in THENAUTICSTORE.COM and are not from the OZEAM factory.


            VIAMARE: https://www.via-nova-sports.de/

            AQUAPARX: https://aquaparxspain.com/es/

            ONEILL: https://eu.oneill.com/

            KAYAKS: https://www.kayaksonline.es/



The following products cannot be returned:

  1. For Hygiene reasons; Wetsuits, Wetsuits or any other sealed item that is not suitable to be returned for reasons of health protection or hygiene and that has been unsealed.
  2. Engines and inflatable boats that have been registered in the name of the Buyer and therefore personalized for the client.
  3. Motors, inflatables or kayaks that have been used in the water or beyond the mere verification of the good condition and operation of the same.
  4. The goods ordered according to the specifications of the consumer and user or clearly personalized. These items are differentiated with the distinctive on request.


Responsibility of the client

1) The customer must ensure that the products are used and maintained correctly, in accordance with the instructions and guidelines in the quick guide or in the Owner's Manual.

2) The customer will be responsible for the usual inspection and maintenance tasks, as well as the replacement costs of the components subject to normal wear and tear.

3) Furthermore, the customer is responsible for breakdowns and damages caused by abuse, neglect and accidents, including incidental and consequential costs.

4) In case of suspecting the existence of a defect, the customer must contact the company within ten days from the moment the alleged defect is observed.

5) The customer is also responsible for the costs of disassembling or inspecting a supposed problem covered by the Guarantee that is shown not to meet the conditions of the Guarantee.

6) The customer is responsible for any subsequent repairs that are not covered by the Warranty.

7) OZEAM FUTURE SL is not responsible for the administrative expenses of the clients, such as: administrative expenses caused by the management of guarantees, changes in the documentation, etc.


OZEAM FUTURE SL à travers sa page THENAUTICSTORE.COM, vend des produits d'autres marques en dehors de la marque OZEAM et de son usine, lesdits articles seront soumis à la garantie offerte par chaque fabricant, et en leur absence, ce sera la nôtre. THENAUTICSTORE.COM est responsable du traitement de la garantie, mais agira toujours en tant qu'intermédiaire entre l'utilisateur et la marque en question.

Nous mettons ci-dessous les liens des pages officielles des produits vendus sur THENAUTICSTORE.COM et ne provenant pas de l'usine OZEAM.


             VIAMARE : https://www.via-nova-sports.de/

             AQUAPARX : https://aquaparxspain.com/es/

             ONEILL : https://eu.oneill.com/

             KAYAK : https://www.kayaksonline.es/



Les produits suivants ne peuvent pas être retournés :

Pour des raisons d'hygiène ; Combinaisons humides, combinaisons humides ou tout autre article scellé qui ne peut pas être retourné pour des raisons de protection de la santé ou d'hygiène et qui a été descellé.

Moteurs et canots pneumatiques immatriculés au nom de l'Acheteur et donc personnalisés pour le client.

Moteurs, pneumatiques ou kayaks qui ont été utilisés dans l'eau ou au-delà de la simple vérification du bon état et du fonctionnement de ceux-ci.

Les biens commandés selon les spécifications du consommateur et de l'utilisateur ou nettement personnalisés. Ces articles sont différenciés avec le distinctif sur demande.


Responsabilité du client

1) Le client doit s'assurer que les produits sont utilisés et entretenus correctement, conformément aux instructions et directives du guide rapide ou du manuel du propriétaire.

2) Le client sera responsable des tâches habituelles d'inspection et d'entretien, ainsi que des frais de remplacement des composants soumis à une usure normale.

3) En outre, le client est responsable des pannes et des dommages causés par l'abus, la négligence et les accidents, y compris les frais accessoires et consécutifs.

4) En cas de suspicion de l'existence d'un défaut, le client doit contacter l'entreprise dans les dix jours à compter du moment où le défaut allégué est constaté.

5) Le client est également responsable des frais de démontage ou d'inspection d'un problème supposé couvert par la Garantie qui s'avère ne pas répondre aux conditions de la Garantie.

6) Le client est responsable de toutes les réparations ultérieures qui ne sont pas couvertes par la garantie.

7) OZEAM FUTURE SL n'est pas responsable des frais administratifs des clients, tels que : frais administratifs occasionnés par la gestion des garanties, modifications de la documentation, etc.

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