Boat inflatable OZEAM 360 Complete wood floor with inflatable keel

OZEAM 360 inflatable boat is 3.6 meters in length. The floor of the boat is of quality wood, and the keel is inflatable. This model comes equipped with oars, foot inflator, 2 seats, a carry bag and your repair kit.

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Data sheet

Weight53,5 Kg
Dimensions360x154 cm
Max. power15HP
Warranty2 years manufacturing defects
Tube diameter44 cm
FloorComplete wooden + keel
MaterialPVC 3 layers 1100D
Load5 px or 450kg
Air chambers3+1
Category navigationC
DeliveryPeninsula Iberica 2 to 3 days, rest Europe 5 to 7 days

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The OZEAM 360 inflatable boat is one of the highest quality on the market. The bow is shaped like a spout, and the keel is inflatable, which gives better navigation. In addition, it has anti-splash bands, and the helmet resists UV, as well as gasoline and oils. The PVC of the boat is composed of three layers. The materials with which this pneumatic has been built are approved by European regulations, so that it can be navigated without problems. This model has a 2 year warranty for manufacturing defects.

This model has 3.6 meters and a capacity for five people, with a maximum load resistance of 450 kilograms.

Details of the Ozeam 360 inflatable boat


- The model of this pneumatic is the 3.6m - 1100D.

- External dimensions of the boat: 360x154cm.

- Diameter of the tube: 44 centimeters.

- It has 4 air chambers.

- Weight: 53,5 kilograms.

- Maximum weight that supports: 450 kilograms.

- Capacity: 5 people.

- The engine has a maximum power of 15HP.

The OZEAM 360 is approved by the European Union, according to the standards of category C. (sheltered waters, lakes, swamps and open sea "2-12 miles of coast).

The model 360 comes equipped with full wood floor, inflatable keel, 2 seats, 2 aluminum oars, 2 supports, foot inflator, hand bag and repair kit.