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Professional Fishing Kayak with aluminum paddle, deluxe seat, 4 fixed rods, 1 directional rod and rudder.

The DACE PRO ANGLER range of fishing kayaks are kayaks designed with kayak fishing lovers in mind. This fishing kayak will offer you everything you need to enjoy kayaking at the incredible price of € 499.

Professional Fishing Kayak. DACE PRO ANGLER 10

The PRO ANGLER 10 is the smallest of the DACE PRO ANGLER family of professional fishing kayaks, as the name suggests this fishing kayak measures 10 feet which equals 3.10 meters (3.20 meters with rudder).

The kayak comes fully equipped with an aluminum paddle, deluxe seat, 4 fixed rods, 1 directional rod and rudder.

As all the kayaks in this family incorporate a rudder that increases its manageability, perhaps this rudder is more necessary in longer kayaks such as models 12 and 14 of 3.65 and 4.25 meters respectively, but the incorporation of a Rudder to a 3.2 meter kayak makes it even more efficient when navigating since the typical zizag of short kayaks is avoided, making it easier to keep the path straight and thus reducing the effort to get from one point to another. other.

The DACE PRO ANGLER are professional fishing kayaks designed and thought to satisfy the needs of the most demanding kayak fishing lovers. In the case of the PRO ANGLER 10 its adjusted price makes this kayak accessible to anyone who wants a fishing kayak with mid-to-high range features but at affordable prices.

Compared to the PRO ANGLER 12, the difference is found basically in the sizes of the rear racks and luggage racks, something that seems evident since the PRO ANGLER 10 measures 0.55 meters less in length than the PRO ANGLER 12, saving these differences. Obviously derived from the size, both models have the same standard equipment and in terms of performance the Pro Angler 12 is slightly more stable and faster than the Pro Angler 10 due to the longer fins on the 12 foot model.

The DACE PRO ANGLER 10 comes fully equipped with all the accessories you will need to practice kayaking. Apart from the rudder, drums, fixed rod holders, console and other accessories that come as standard, this professional fishing kayak also includes, a very light detachable aluminum paddle weighing only 900 grams, Deluxe Seat made of high-density EVA rubber and rod holder 360º directional.

We are dealing with a mid-range professional fishing kayak that will undoubtedly be a magnificent competitor among fishing kayaks below € 500 (fully equipped price).

In the medium range of fishing kayaks there are few rivals that can compete with the DACE PRO ANGLER 10 in performance and price for the following reasons:


-Stability: Its 78 cm width and flat bottom in the central part make it a very stable kayak that will allow you to fish a certain size fish without jeopardizing your safety.

-Speed: Although it is not the fastest model in the Dace Pro Angler family as it is the shortest kayak, it has a good behavior even in conditions of certain waves thanks to its pronounced keels, being able to travel long distances without much effort until finding the banks. of fish where I sent you the probe.

-Load and storage capacity: Despite its 3.10 meters, this professional fishing kayak has a load capacity of up to 170 kg. Its large watertight hatch will allow you to store a large number of fish and its large rear luggage carrier with rubber fastening will allow you to transport everything you need easily.

-Manageability: It is the most manageable kayak in the Dace Pro Angler family, something evident when dealing with the shorter length kayak together with the use of the rudder.

-Safety: Like all self-emptying or sit on top fishing kayaks they are unsinkable kayaks. Compared to sea kayaks or touring kayaks equipped for fishing, these self-emptying fishing kayaks undoubtedly offer greater safety by not being able to sink.

If to all these characteristics we add incredible standard equipment and an unbeatable price below € 500, it is obvious that we are dealing with a professional fishing kayak that is unrivaled in this price segment. We can consider the Pro Angler 10 as a mid-range fishing kayak, but at affordable prices, it is therefore one of the most demanded professional fishing kayaks only behind the Pro Angler 12.


1 X Deluxe Seat made of high-density EVA rubber for maximum comfort and protection of the lower back.
1 x Detachable 2-piece Aluminum Shovel, very light (Less than 1Kg) with 3 shovel positions, symmetrical and asymmetrical for right and left-handed.
1 x Rudder on the tail of the kayak that can be folded when not in use.
1 x Console for the installation of the probe, GPS, plus directional rods and to store the fishing tackle.
1 x 360º Directional Rod that will allow you to orient the rod in the direction you want.
4 x Fixed Rods that allow you to continue rowing while fishing and practice different types of kayak fishing like trawling.
1 x Oval Watertight Tambucho of large dimensions in which you can store both fish and objects you want to keep out of reach of water such as watches, cell phones, keys or cameras.
Large luggage rack, held by elastic bands, where you can transport a fridge, watertight boats or waterproof bags of up to 60 liters.
Pre-installation for electric motor.
Shovel holder with elastic rubber
Hoops to hold or tie ends
4 x Carrying handles, two on the sides and two on the ends.
8 x Self Draining Plugs.
1 x Water evacuation screw cap inside the kayak.


Kayak rack made of high-density EVA rubber that will allow you to easily transport any kayak, canoe, surfboard or paddle surf on top of the vehicle. Assembles and dismounts in less than 1 minute.
Aluminum kayak transport trolley and puncture-resistant PU wheels


Tabla prestaciones kayak pesca Pro Angler 10


Although the DACE PRO ANGLER family of kayaks guarantees us the possibility of having a professional fishing kayak with high performance and standard equipment throughout the range, the PRO ANGLER 10 model also guarantees that this range is available to all pockets. For less than € 500 it is already possible to have a mid-range fishing kayak that has nothing to envy its older brothers in equipment and is not far behind in benefits.


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