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CONGER R self-emptying kayak

The CONGER R recreational kayak is an individual kayak sit on top of almost 3 meters, very stable as well as very versatile since it can be used as a recreational kayak, for short trips and as a fishing kayak adding the fixed and directional poles and all at a price without competition.

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OCEANUS R. Self-emptying triple kayak (2 Adults + 1 Child)

The OCEANUS R model is a self-emptying kayak or also called a very versatile 3-seater sit on top kayak that can be used as a 3-seater recreational kayak and as a 2-seater fishing kayak since it has fixed rod holders as standard and the possibility of installing more 360º fixed and directional rod holders.

With its 3.70 meters long and 86 cm wide, this double kayak + 1 self-emptying and therefore unsinkable offers unmatched stability and safety, reaching a load capacity of 250 Kg. Thanks to these great stability and safety, we are facing a kayak sit on top perfect for walks along the coast, lakes or rivers with calm waters with the family, even more so if you have children.

The OCEANUS model is also a very manageable kayak since despite being a 3-seater kayak it does not have an excessive length, which allows it to maneuver easily and its hull design allows it to maintain a straight direction when rowing without much difficulty.

The 2 seater kayak + 1 OCEANUS R, is our best selling self-emptying recreational kayak among families with children who want a kayak for the whole family where the most important thing is stability, safety and ease of use.

Below you can see the graph of the benefits and recommended use of this kayak which highlights safety and stability as its strong point.

At KayaksOnline we are specialists in selling kayaks and we sell our kayaks fully equipped therefore when buying a kayak, you will be sure that the price includes standard equipment with everything you need to start enjoying the kayak instantly, all our kayaks Recreational "R" include shovel and Seat. And all our "P" fishing kayaks also include the different types of rod.


2 x Deluxe seats made of high-density EVA rubber for perfect comfort and protection of the lower back.

2 x Very light removable aluminum blades. 3 positions of symmetrical and asymmetric stroke for both right and left handed.

2 x 25cm diameter waterproof tubs where you can store the objects you want to keep safe from water such as cameras, watches, mobiles, etc.

2 x Fixed rod holders that will allow you to continue rowing at the same time that you are fishing.

Pre-Installation for 2 360º directional rod holders

2 x Side Blade Holder

4 x Holding handles to transport the kayak, two on the sides and two on the ends

8 x Self-draining plugs

Rear luggage carrier with elastic bands.

Cap for easy extraction of water from the interior kayak.


Kayak rack made of high-density EVA rubber that will allow you to easily transport any kayak, canoe, surfboard or paddle surf on top of the vehicle. Assembles and dismounts in less than 1 minute.

Advice! If you are going to use the OCEANUS R self-emptying kayak as a fishing kayak as well as a triple recreational kayak, we recommend you buy the OCEANUS P version (P = Fishing) that comes with 2 fixed rods and 2 360 ° directional rods, thus saving you a 30% on the purchase of these fishing accessories.


Prestaciones Kayak Oceanus


Observing both graphs we can quickly deduce that the OCEANUS 3-seater self-emptying kayak model is above all a stable and safe kayak and it is for these benefits that its recommended use is as a recreational or leisure kayak, however it can also be used as a double fishing kayak (OCEANUS P version) for its standard equipment, which allows the use of fixed and directional rod holders.

If you want to buy a 3-seater kayak where stability and security are important to enjoy with the family, but you also practice fishing occasionally or want to start kayaking, this double kayak + 1 self-emptying is undoubtedly your best option, because It can be used as a leisure kayak or a walk with the family thanks to its three seats or as a double fishing kayak thanks to its fixed and directional poles. It is undoubtedly a very versatile triple sit on top kayak that you can use in very different situations both at sea and in lakes or rivers.

If the OCEANUS recreational kayak does not fit your needs, you can see the following graph where you can find all our kayaks according to their most recommended use.

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