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Individual fishing kayak. CONGER P.

The CONGER P model is the ideal fishing kayak to get started in kayak fishing, due to its features, measures and low price. It is a multipurpose kayak that will also allow you to make small trips and use it for recreation. Best-selling fishing kayak in Spain.

DIM: 295x78x35 cm. WEIGHT: 21Kg, CAPACITY: 150Kg.

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CONGER P individual fishing kayak (Seat, Paddle and Pole included)

The CONGER P model is our best-selling individual fishing Kayak in the economic range, for less than € 400 it is difficult to find a fishing kayak with these features and equipment. We are dealing with a self-emptying and therefore unsinkable kayak especially suitable for those who want to start in the world of kayak fishing without spending a lot of money. In addition to benefits together with a low price, the CONGER P model is a very versatile self-emptying kayak since it will also allow you to use it as a touring kayak to make small trips near the coast or use it as a recreational kayak in the sea, lakes or rivers.

Advice! If you are going to use this kayak as a leisure or touring kayak, we recommend buying the KAYAK RECREO CONGER R version. It is the same kayak but without the optional equipment for fishing.

This fishing kayak perfectly combines stability and manageability. On the one hand, its not excessive length and its keels at the ends make it very manageable even with waves, while its flat bottom in the central part, along with its 78 cm width, give it incredible stability that will allow you to fish for certain size.

It is the most popular individual fishing kayak in the economic range, chosen by all those who want a fishing kayak without spending a fortune. This individual fishing kayak despite its low price, has everything you need to be able to practice kayaking, whether in the sea, rivers or lakes.


1 x Detachable 2-piece Aluminum Shovel, very light (Less than 1Kg) with 3 shovel positions, symmetrical and asymmetric for right and left-handed.

1 x Deluxe seat made of high-density EVA rubber that offers incredible comfort and protection of the lower back.

1 x Cañero Direccionl 360º:

2 x Fixed Rods that allow you to continue rowing while fishing and practice different types of kayak fishing like trawling.

2 x Watertight Barrels: 8 ”diameter barrels in which you can store both the fish and objects you want to keep out of the water, such as watches, cell phones, keys or cameras.

Large luggage rack, held by elastic bands, where you can transport a fridge, watertight boats or waterproof bags of up to 60 liters.

Shovel paddle with elastic rubber

Hoops to hold or tie ends

Circular bottle holder

2 x Fixed Rods that allow you to continue rowing while fishing and practice different types of kayak fishing like trawling.

Electric motor pre-installation. This fishing kayak offers the possibility to install an electric motor for kayaks by simply screwing a rod into the back of the seat.

Pre-installation 2 extra fixed rod holders.

4 x Carrying handles, two on the sides and two on the ends.


Kayak rack made of high-density EVA rubber that will allow you to easily transport any kayak, canoe, surfboard or paddle surf on top of the vehicle. Assembles and dismounts in less than 1 minute.

Kayak transport trolley. If you need to move the kayak long distances, the kayak trolley is your solution.


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The CONGER P model is a perfect fishing kayak that has everything you need to enjoy fishing at an unbeatable price and which, given its versatility, can be used as a recreational kayak or for short crossings.