Pneumatic boat WHITE OZEAM 500 with full wooden floor and inflatable keel

Inflatable boat OZEAM 500 has 5 meters of length. The floor of the boat is made of quality wood, and the keel is inflatable. This model comes equipped with oars, standing inflator, two seats, a transport bag and its repair kit.

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MODEL: 500


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Data sheet

Weight95 Kg
Dimensions500x195 cm
Max. power60HP
Warranty2 years manufacturing defects
Tube diameter52 cm
FloorComplete wooden + keel
MaterialPVC 3 layers 1.5mm 1100D
Load10 px or 1400kg
Air chambers3+1
Category navigationC
DeliveryPeninsula Iberica 2 to 3 days, rest Europe 5 to 7 days

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The OZEAM 500 inflatable boat is one of the highest quality on the market. The bow is shaped like a spout, and the keel is inflatable, which gives better navigation. In addition, it has anti-splash bands, and the helmet resists UV, as well as gasoline and oils. The PVC of the boat is composed of three layers with a total of 1.5mm. The materials with which this pneumatic has been built are approved by European regulations, so it can be navigated without problems. This model has a 2 year warranty for manufacturing defects.

This model has 5 meters and a capacity for 10 people, with a maximum load resistance of 1400 kilograms.

Details of the Ozeam 500 inflatable boat

- The model of this pneumatics is 5m - PVC of 1,5mm 1100D.

- External dimensions of the boat: 500x195cm.

- Diameter of the tube: 52 centimeters.

- It has 4 air chambers.

- Weight: 95 kilograms.

- Maximum weight that supports: 1400 kilograms.

- Capacity: 10 people.

- The engine has a maximum power of 60HP.

The OZEAM 500 pneumatics is approved by the European Union, according to the standards of category C. (sheltered waters, lakes, marshes and open sea "2-5-12 miles of coastline"). The guarantee it has is 2 years.

The model 500 comes equipped with full wooden floor, inflatable keel, two seats, 2 aluminum oars, foot inflator, handbag and repair kit.

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